Our token CFB

Discover our multi-purpose token!
CFB is a token of FinBet which lets you participate in the success of the entire project. Get CFB, become a part of FinBet and boost your profits!
CFB Coins

How can you benefit from having CFB?

We will be reporting news about our development after we launch in August 2021. The significance of news events will be reflected in CFB token price on the exchange.

FinBet will offer CFB token holders participation in special promotions regarding lower spreads, or higher bonus value or providing trading signals and support.

Sale and valuation

We have successfully sold 150 million of tokens in 3 private presales. In the first presale the price of CFB was 0.01 USDT/CFB. In the last one – 0.03 USDT.
On June 30 2021 CFB token debuted on Uniswap – one of the biggest and most popular decentralized crypto exchanges.
Any new private sales increasing the number of CFB tokens will be voted on by founders and major token holders.

CFB Sale Plan

First private sale

March 2021
50 mln CFB face value: 0.01 USDT

Second private sale

2nd quarter of 2021
50 mln CFB at 0.02 USDT

Listing of CFB

30 June 2021
CFB tokens are available to buy and sell on the Uniswap exchange.
Finbet Project

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Would you like to benefit from our success?
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