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We are a Financial Betting platform that allows you to place simple bets on the movements of real assets, including FIAT currencies, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.
The Company headquarter is based in Uganda, but we work globally and have experts, affiliates, and partners based worldwide.
Financial Betting is a service within the scope of which you can place simple bets on the chosen assets. In those kinds of bets, you assume only if the selected asset’s price will increase or decrease towards another asset in the given period of time. If the price changes according to your prediction – you win.

Financial Betting creates a new industry that places itself on the verge of three of the most profitable markets - finances, online gambling, and crypto.
An asset is a given cryptocurrency, FIAT currency, index, or commodity available on our platform to place bets on.
You can place bets on FIAT currencies, indexes, commodities, or cryptocurrencies. You can view a complete list of the available assets on our website.
"UP or DOWN" are simply predictions on the bets you place. UP means that you assume that the chosen asset’s price will increase towards another asset in the chosen period of time. DOWN is the opposite – you assume that the chosen asset’s price will decrease.
CFB is a utility token of FinBet that entitles to participation in the project's success by achieving benefits with the increase of the token value. It also allows users to benefit from various bonuses and special offers on the FinBet platform.
Absolutely not! FinBet is a part of a growing and promising market today known as Financial Betting. It is a perfect combination of online gambling and the financial industry. The users find brand new, simple entertainment that allows them to benefit from the movements on real assets.

On top of that, thanks to our educational activities, our customers can deepen their understanding of processes and dependencies on the financial market - you can learn from that and make your bets more conscious.
The payout process is fully automatized. Your win is automatically paid out just after the bet is closed (if successful).
We are not the only one, but definitely the only licensed one out there. FinBet operates as a fully regulated service provider based on a governmental gambling license.

It is essential to know that FinBet is much more than just a platform. It is a complex project that grows around a detailed, in-house platform. It also includes the knowledge and experience of our experts, a unique user-friendly business model, and well-thought marketing and educational strategy that allows our users to enjoy and understand the world of financial betting fully.
Create a new account on our platform – it's easy! All you need to do is to give us an email address, and set up a password.
Everybody who is of age according to the jurisdiction applicable for the user (often 18 years). However, some jurisdictions are excluded from our services. You can find a list of the excluded countries in our Terms and Conditions.
You can use FinBet platform on PC / Laptop, as well as on the mobile app on phones and tablets.
No. Registration and conducting an account are free, though in particular situations when you do not take any action on your account for a long time, we can charge you an administrative fee. You can see the provisions concerning ‘Dormant Account’ on our Terms & Conditions.
No. Currently, you can make deposits by using a single wallet, but we currently work on the possibility of connecting multiple wallets.
You can find the history of your trades on your panel after logging in, section "History of trades".
The minimum bet amount is 0,5 USDT (or equivalent).
The max amount you can bet in is 2 500 USDT (or equivalent).
You can win an amount calculated based on the Payout dedicated to the given pair of assets (percentage) and the wagered amount.

Example: If you wager 100 BTC with an 80% payout, your win will count 180 BTC.
It depends on the particular assets you choose to bet on. You can find the details of your offer on our website, site: "Our offer".
As far as betting on crypto is 24/7, you need to remember that some assets will not be available on weekends or in certain hours - assets coming from FIAT- based traditional markets, like stock indexes.
The user might be obliged to cover costs as per below:

- Gas Fees for deposits up to 100 USDT or equivalent (deposits above 100 USDT are free)
- Gas fees for withdrawals up to 500 USDT or equivalent (withdrawals above 500 USDT are free)
- Additional costs if required by the transaction operator.

Depending on specific blockchain requirements, fee values might change.
First, you need to register on our platform. Then, choose the option ‘make a deposit’ on your panel, and follow the instructions. You can deposit on BNB, BUSD, BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, USDT.
You can deposit on BNB, BUSD, BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, USDT.
The minimum amount is 1 USDT (or equivalent).
The maximum amount is 5000 USDT (or equivalent), it can be placed once a day, maximum five times a week.
Withdrawals are available in the currencies that you can run deposits in. Also, you can withdraw only those coins that you have (for example, you cannot withdraw ETH when you have BTC on your FinBet account).
The minimum withdrawal amount is 5 USDT, but you need to keep in mind that gas fees will be deducted, so before withdrawal, make sure the transaction is beneficial for you.
There are no limitations to withdrawals, the balance of your account is the limit. All withdrawals above 500 USDT (or equivalent) won’t be charged with additional gas fees.
Withdrawal of the funds may take up to 24 hours after submitting a withdrawal request (if there are no further issues), weekends and holidays excluded.
You can make as many withdrawals as you please.
No, affiliates earn revshare profits only from users being their direct referrals.
As FinBet is a Financial Betting platform, you cannot earn with staking.

There is another passive income possibility available. By either joining our Referral or Partnership Program, you can generate income simply by inviting your friends and earning from their bets.
Below we present you three of the most beneficial (non-betting related) aspects of the FinBet project:

- EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS - we offer a wide range of educational packages (webinars, tutorials, or various social media activities) to make sure our users deepen their knowledge about the features of our platform or financial markets fluctuations.

- REFERRAL PROGRAM - an attractive offer that allows the users to gain passive income just by inviting friends to our platform;

- TOKEN - aside from betting, the users can also benefit by purchasing our token (CFB, listed June 30th, 2021), which entitles participation in the success of the entire project, and opens the gate to benefit from our special offers and bonuses.
If you forgot your login or password, you should click on the option 'I forgot my password' on the registration screen and follow the instructions. If it does not work, you can contact us at [email protected]