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Why Finbet


Our business is built on the basis of blockchain, the most innovative and secure technology. All your transactions and connections are encrypted, and your funds and data stored in our system are 100% protected.


Make a deposit into your account to start using our services and become a part of the first crypto-based financial betting platform. FinBet allows you to manage your account in cryptocurriecies such as BTC, LTC, BCH, and tokens including ERC-20: ETH, USDT, BEP20: BNB, and BUSD directly through MetaMask.


With our automated payment system and bets as quick as 1-minute, financial betting has never been faster!


Thanks to the instant bet button only a few simple steps separate you from establishing a bet. All you must do is choose an asset, the time frame, and the direction of your bet – either UP or DOWN and wait for the results.

How to start?

1. Register

Register on FinBet. Make sure to provide the correct information to receive your payouts.

2. Deposit

Make a deposit on your account to be able to place bets.

3. Start betting

It is time to start. Predict whether the price of the asset you chose to bet on will go UP or DOWN, set a bet and your chance to win has just got real.

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FinBet allows you to place a wager on cryptocurrencies and the most popular assets such as currencies, stocks, indexes and commodities.
You can find a full list of the available assets and betting options here.

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Our Token

Finbet Token
Get our CFB token in the exchange! On 30th of June CFB debuted on Uniswap – one of the biggest and most popular decentralized crypto exchanges. ​
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